In any game, particularly video games, an exclamation said to oneself after losing or getting killed while going after a bonus objective or points. Used as a reminder to focus on the main directives after the fact.

Alternatively, said to a teammate who gets killed while doing so.

Orginated from Pac-Man, where you earned bonus points for eating the fruit.
"Dammit, Matt, I told you not to worry about looting the corpse until after we killed all the thugs! Now we're both dead! Fruit, Matt! Fruit!"
by Varitech June 01, 2005
an insult to a homsexual person that aslways seems to wear the same hat. THat nobody likes.
that guy over there is such a fruit
by ENDOLIFE May 25, 2009
an idiot, a dip. usually used among friends, but sometimes to describe a really out-there person you know
"george, you are such a fruit."
"dawson can't come- his mom's a fucking fruit, she had a nervy b this morning and wouldn't let him."
by lauren August 31, 2003
sydney bator is a fruit with no life and is immature!
sydney bator. logan. kenzie evans are fruits
by bllys March 30, 2011
A food source that is not eaten or consumed, but is 'taken'. An excellent source of vitamins & nutrition.
The meal is finished. Your host asks 'Do you take fruits?' If you answer in the negative, you will be asked 'You don't take fruits?'
by The Good English Speaking Society October 25, 2004
It means you're gay.
Anybody that's called A Fruit.
by Homie G August 28, 2003
A compliment referring that a person is sweet like a fruit. Or referring to a person like a fruit as in a flowering fruit, or as beautiful.
1)(1st Person) "Man she was a fruit."

(Second Person) "Yeah I know , I just wanted to eat her up. Want to go back and ask her out ?"

2) "Fruit !"

"Wanna come taste me ?"

"Oh hell yeah !"
by maidmercy October 21, 2007

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