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A gay guy. He's not exactly gay, but just womanly enough to be gay.
"He's not a sissy! He's a fruit!"
by laine November 23, 2003
Coming from the show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"; the act of two or more teenagers deciding to go out together, be it on a date or to a party and/or somewhere else that they can't be found going, and then telling their parents that they are going to each other's houses as an alibi.
So we'll pull the round robin tonight?
by Laine February 08, 2004
the masterful art of connecting with one's inner aura, and spiritual journey of healing through the sanctions of your soul.....blah blah blah

also sometimes used when describing birds...
She was the ultimate Reiki Master
by Laine March 28, 2004
SolidSnake is a big fucking ass...
by Laine November 05, 2003

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