verb, to bug out, go crazy, under the effects of drugs usually
I took 3 hits of acid and seriously fruited one time
by satanhitlerr July 05, 2007
A gay person who goes out with girls so people wont think that hes gay.
Steve is such a fucking fruit, I heard he let some douche bag named Gary pound him.
by Ryan Deere May 26, 2007
some one who is being weird, but isn't quite at the level as a freak
You're such a fruit!
by ashmee March 29, 2004
Any "Apple" hardware, whether it be a Mac, iPod or iPhone
Dude, I cant believe you spent $1800 bucks on that freakin' fruit!
by JScott3230 July 10, 2008
-verb: to ejaculate

-pronunciation key {fru-ít}

-alternate forms (fruote, fruiting, fruits)

-nominal form: fruition
"When I saw that hot girl on the bus, I thought I was going to fruit my pants"

"I've got fruition stains all over my sheets"
by John Tinsley February 20, 2008
An extremly gay man (ex. weiring make-up, giving girls hair tips), or a male hooker.
1.Lookin fruity!
2.You fag, go pick up a fruit!
by isla September 02, 2004
anyone or thing that proposes an immidiate pre"dick"ament or is unneccisarily happy and/or homosexual. like when your homie says 'hey i wonder what would happen if i stuck this lunchroom spoon up that dudes ass'
you dude! you're such a fruit!
by not a fruit January 20, 2004

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