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slang for serious. Favored by Al Gore on South Park.
Al Gore: "Manbearpig is very serial."
#cereal #sereal #non serial #non cereal #non sereal
by Forceflow15 April 27, 2006
short for "serious"
"What? Are you serial?"
by CHOPOPJR November 03, 2003
serial: serious. Serial is as serious as serial killers. So serious - more serious than cereal. Not as funny as cereal, but more concerned.
usu. in response: exp:

Richard, I'm pregnant!
Are you serial?
Holy rusted metal batman!
Are you serial?
#serial #cereal #zaxie #serious #superfunfantastic
by dueEast June 07, 2006
Short for serial number. Often used for an illegal method of registering a program one does not wish to pay for.
I got a serial for photoshop last night and it worked perfectly.
by Invalid H. User April 23, 2003
Another way to say "serious".
"Dude, I'm super serial. Why don't you believe me when I say I'm super duper serial?"
#serial #super #duper #serious #dude
by Bryan Castillo January 09, 2008
being very serious; dead serious.
John: "I scored with Kelly last night, it was TIGHT! man!"
Jeff: "You serial?"
John: "Hell yeah!"
Jeff: "With trix?" (aka: you're bullshitting)
John: 'No, I'm for real!"
Jeff: "Dam, mofo! Hell yeah!"
#serial #trix #cereal #sereal #tricks
by Olgie March 30, 2010
a gun's serial number...often scraped off to make the gun harder to trace
"serial killers tote guns without the serials"
--Streetlife in Rules (Iron Flag, Wu-Tang Clan)
#gun #gat #9 #strap #wu-tang #crooked letter i
by dubhex February 01, 2008
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