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The best friend a girl could ever have. She's a badass bitch who can't be tamed and all the guys are in love with her. She's happy with being single so don't try to set her up on a blind date. She's a beautiful person who has insecurities and you should remind her everyday how gorgeus she is. she also has a really really soft side and if you make her cry her best friend will murder you. If you ever find a Melodee, keep her one of your best friends.
guy 1: dude you see that chick?
guy 2: ohhh yeahhh she must be a melodee!
guy 1: i saw her first, she's mine!
guy 2: nahhh bro i think she ain't lookin for no man right now
guy 1: shit! that bites
by Badass chicka November 27, 2010
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