someone who is mean as hell. mean mean.
lili: "your hair is nappy as hell"
fifi: "man you evil!"
by tafi September 25, 2008
Very mean, bad not good
evil is live backwards
by DizzyLizzy December 16, 2006
The absence of compassion in action.
From the ant's perspective, little Billy was the personification of evil as he torched the hapless insect with a magnifying glass. 'Boys will be boys.' his mother said.
by BroncoBingham April 18, 2006
An impossible concept of something being inherently bad. It's impossible since something can only be bad for/to something else. I.E. rain is bad for staying dry, but good for slowing forest fire.

A corny excuse for the hero character to fight.
I call upon the power of magic and evil to destroy all you wretched good guys!
by entivore October 06, 2003
Someone who has more money than you and is therefore defined as evil.

This is often used as justification of attacks on a company's computer systems or website. (such as a DoS or DDoS attack on Microsoft's website)
Tom: Why did you spend all day DoSing Microsoft?

Harry: Bill gates is evil man, he's evil.

Tom: *facepalm*
by aporcupine October 07, 2009
Hillary Clinton. Yes, the same person who is running for candidacy.
Oh my god, the person who ate the baby just reached a Hillary Clinton level of evil.
by Patrick Daniels April 07, 2008
a heartless and conniving type of cruelty with intentions to destroy
She has an evil sister
by LINDAR May 27, 2006

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