1. An accurate description of the current occupant of the White House.
2. See also: Bush, George W.
George W. Bush is evil personified.
by MrClean March 12, 2006
#1. Word used to describe something that is the exact opposite of good.

#2. Word used to describe someone you really hate because they are much more than just annoying.

#3. Word used to describe someone who has some talent or intelligence or privilage that you are jealous of.
#1. The holocaust was evil

#2. I hate my math teacher so much. She's EVIL!

#3. That is one beautiful piece of artwork, you have so much talent. You're evil!
by Larry April 08, 2004
George W. fucking Bush!!!!
George W. is evil gay wad!!!
by Gerald June 17, 2006
Nuff said about evil
by Valintino the Big Surpremo August 30, 2010
towniespeak, to look at somebody in a bad way, most commonly used as an excuse to start a fight
A "girl she is giving me evils!!! hey you! you got beef wi' me or summink?!!!"

B "no, just just lost my contact lens..."

A "what?!! you callin' me a liar now???!!! don't you go direspectin' me!!! i'm gonna smash your ugly fucking face in, you dirty little whore!!!!!!"

B *is not a townie and therefore *runs away**

(and yes, i have seen that happen before...)
by itcreaks June 29, 2004
Using knowledge of how to commit harm for your own ends.

Warps the mind of the perpetrator.
Hitler was an evil man.
by Person May 18, 2004
A synonym for, Hello Kitty
"Hello Kitty is Devil"
by Maku April 02, 2005

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