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The US version of the band "Editors".
Why did you get tickets for Interpol? They're shite.
by Bernard McGraw September 01, 2008
Interpol stands for international police
They deal with criminals that go past nations boarders.
interpol has caught many escaped murders that have fled before they where suppose to go on trial in the U.S or any other nation .
by scannerfish January 01, 2005
great band, slightly depressive but still could kick the ass of haters any day
person 1: what song is that?

person 2: only the best fucking song from one of the best fucking band, interpol.
by chileeee March 06, 2010
A US postpunk-revival band, that despite comparisons with the UK band Editors implying that they are a ripoff

-Interpol predates Editors by years
-both bands are indebted to Joy Division, so the ripoff accusations are irrelevant

They are known for Paul Banks' distinctive vocals.

also some police group but who gives a fuck about that, right?
Interpol sounds just like Editors? Yeah, well I bet Iron Maiden tribute groups sound like Iron Maiden, too
by WarGoatForestWolf666 April 11, 2010
One of the best american indie rock bands (interpol) ,the are a post punk revival which consists of lyrics,instruments!!!!!!!!
Their '' first time'' debut album of interpol, turn on the lights in 2002,was given critical acclaim and rose to the tenth position on the internet..
by JohnRosemaryRyan November 15, 2010
A band that is good despite everyone on this site tearing them to shreds for some stupid as fuck reason.
Interpol is good. Joy Division is good. Editors are good. Shut up.
by peebags July 26, 2011
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