The most beautiful girl you will ever meet, she's kind and not at all shallow. She is super smart and very sexy. She can be quite the flirt but at the end of the day she only thinks about one guy. She's loyal and trustworthy, and has all the guys falling head over heels for her. Perhaps the perfect girl.
"Bro, look there's Eva!"
"Dude she is fucking HOT"
by llamalover246 November 17, 2011
Eva is the prettiest girl. She has gorgeus brown eyes, that make you melt every time you see them. She's craziness makes you want to be around her everyday. She is the kind of girl that does not deserve to be hurt and a guy would do everything possible for her not to feel that way. She is a dream girl.
You are very lucky you found yourself an Eva.
by Jasperrrr May 31, 2013
The cutest, most adorable little girl I have ever met. She is beautiful in ever way and is very passionate about dance. She is my little ballerina. <3
Kale: Damn she's one sexy ballerina!
Eva: You know you want me.. ;)
by DanielCook June 06, 2011
The most funniest person you would ever meet and loves shopping. Really Sporty Loves <3 the outdoors. She is the Most beautiful girl ever. She has a great body and is so smart.The bestest friend you could ever have.If you date an Eva you are one of the luckiest guys on the planet.
"Hay who's that hot chick over there"

"That's an Eva she is so beautiful and she's my best friend"

"Lucky Girl"
by hannahlily13 January 08, 2012
shortened version of 'ever'.
like, homg! that was the best movie EVA! fer sure!!
by WibbleTheFisch September 13, 2006
Brunette, brown eyes a female who can be kind when she wants to but wont take shit from anybody.

she's hilarious has quite a few friends and she's beautiful. But she doesnt think so, so when you see an eva make sure to tell her she's gorgeous because chances are she doesn't know. and most likely taken by some lucky ass nigga .
ed: damn my girlfriend is so sexy if only she thought so
Frank: oh eva doesn't think she hot?

ed: yup *sad face*
frank: maybe i can show her with my penis.. because he thinks she sexxy af
by luckyman1042 April 14, 2013
A super hot, tall, tan and blue eyed beast; She's like a goddess. She's a hopeless romantic and she has guys falling at her feet. She's shy when you don't know her but once you start talking to her you find out how extremely outgoing and fun she is. She's very intellegent and gives the most amazing advice. She's fun to head-band with ;3 She's the bestest friend EVAHHHH.

Love you bby,
-Jess xxx
Me "I love you Eva (; "

Her "I love you too"
by bbyyyyjessayy July 24, 2011

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