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Name of the first woman on earth.

AND: Eva is like a synonym for angel. She is everything positive. Lovely, smart, beautiful, funny, loving, honest, trustworthy, talented, sings like a goddess and so much more.

There is nothing better than having an Eva as a friend, daugther, sister or mom. She is like every human being should be.

So if you need an angel go and search for an Eva.
She is an Eva i can see her wings.
by adler.schwarzer February 22, 2011
Girls named Noukka are simply awesome. They are smart and beautiful. They are amazingly talented and creative. They love color. Especially red! They have a big heart and a truely beautiful name.

All in all the person with this name is one of the most amazing person you will ever meet.
Everyone should have Noukka!
by adler.schwarzer February 22, 2011
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