A super hot, tall, tan and blue eyed beast; She's like a goddess. She's a hopeless romantic and she has guys falling at her feet. She's shy when you don't know her but once you start talking to her you find out how extremely outgoing and fun she is. She's very intellegent and gives the most amazing advice. She's fun to head-band with ;3 She's the bestest friend EVAHHHH.

Love you bby,
-Jess xxx
Me "I love you Eva (; "

Her "I love you too"
by bbyyyyjessayy July 24, 2011
Eva, a georgous name with a Russian origin. Often a unusually beautiful woman, with a brilliant figure. Often, an eva will have brown hair and eyes, and will also be very intelligent.

When people see an Eva walk into the room, they stop and stare
Luke: Wow, that girl is fit! She must be an eva!
by Pinksparklystuff101 September 19, 2014
A girl who is nice and super pretty, but has some unavoidable flaws. Her extreme sense of passion, while admirable, can get overwhelming. Everything she sees or does she HAS to become obsessed with. TV shows like Big Brother, movies like Devil's Due, random people she sees at amusement parks - there is no escaping her stalkerish ways.
Man, calm down!!

I can't!!!! This TV show is SO AMAZING!!

But you're getting totally EVA about it!!

Oh sorry dude, I'll shut up.
by EeyoreInYoFace July 16, 2014
she is very loving and caring, people love having her around! she is the most wonderful person you will ever meet and loves kids. she usually has blue or brown eyes. she may think she is ugly but every one around knows that she is one beautiful person.
"man only if I was an Eva"
by eva syva October 21, 2013
Extra-Vehicular Activity. Extra-vehicular activity (EVA) is any activity done by an astronaut or cosmonaut outside a spacecraft beyond the Earth's atmosphere. The astronaut needs to wear a spacesuit.
EVA applies to a spacewalk made outside a craft orbiting Earth, but also has applied to lunar surface exploration (commonly known as moonwalks).
by Dani_elle June 03, 2014
Hungarian version of the name Eve, also written as Éva.
Her name is Eva.
Éva couldn't go to work yesterday.
by Holy Celestial August 31, 2010
An intelligent, smart, funny, gorgeous, amazingly beautiful Asian girl who is trust worthy and has respect for others. Eva will date boys named Josh, and Josh's only. Wanted by many boys at school she lives her life looking for a Josh. Although she is shy at first you will soon notice she is an outgoing girl who loves adventure and taking risks.
Male classmate- "wow that girl is stunning! She seems nice too, she must be an Eva!"

Josh- wow that Asian girl is so beautiful!! We were obviously made for each other, her name must be Eva!"
by Nichole88 June 05, 2014

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