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n. An absolutely, unbelievably beautiful girl. She is the kinda gorgeous that will stop you in your tracks. Also, one of the funniest, nicest people you will meet.
guy one: Whoa! gorgeous girl!
guy two: bet her names ava
by Joey Mcarther May 19, 2008
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The most funny, thoughtful and allround exquisite girl you shall ever meet. This is a girl who beats the others by far. She cares for you in a way that no one ever has and she will make you cry till you either cry or feel a six pack coming on. Her looks could literally change someones heart, whether she is brunette, blond or ginger (last one's always the best) she simply looks stunning and will make you feel like the happiest and luckiest person in the world to be around her. She will have strange gifts that will amaze and shock, only to be out done by her wonderful and almost dream like smile. She manages to brighten up the cloudiest of days and no matter how you're feeling she will find some way of cheering you up. She guaranteed has excellent musical taste, most bands of which you will either like or enjoy. She is beautifully humble, always caring and worrying for you or others when they are sad and she will without a doubt make you a little happier. This girl is extremely rare and if you find one like her, hold on to her, because you will regret if you don't for the rest of your life.
Guy 1: I think I'm in love

Guy 2: Oh yea? what's her name

Guy 1: Ava...

Guy 2: Whoa...
by SUPERMANWANNABE March 26, 2013
That super cute girl that you always want to be around. She is beautiful and you'd think her father was a thief and put the stars in her eyes. She is the best prom date ever and she is always living it up. She is very nice and courteous and has a lot of pretty friends.
Is that Ava?
Yah wow her eyes are beautiful.
by Wolfe12346 May 29, 2012
An extremely gorgeous, beautiful, talented and genius girl...who manages to attract even freshman boy to her locker.

Has the most adorbs clothes, voice, and hair every single day.
dude 1: The only people to get an A on the english paper were Ethan and Ava
dude 2: ...typical.

freshman boy 1: ava...
freshman boy population: ava??! <3 <3 <3 <3
by whoohooo January 03, 2009
An incredibly cool individual; one who is known to be cooler than you will ever be; somebody who is on an entirely higher calibre of coolness than yourself; one who is at the top of the social ladder.
In high school, all Jeff wanted was to become an ava, so he joined every cool club in the school in order to achieve this status.
The hipsters in town are all avas, which is why everybody wants top be like them!
by Phil Graham May 30, 2011
A headstrong individual who everyone looks up to. She loves to win and finds it hard to deal with losing. Her strong personality guides everyone to the right place and they can't help but love her. She is drop dead gorgeous with stunning blue eyes, and long glossy hair. Boys can't help fall for her flirtatious smile and every girl in her damn right mind will be jealous of her popularity and amazingness.
Guy 1: she is beautiful, smart and sassy!
Guy 2: bet her names Ava!
by Alphanumericguy March 23, 2013
Ava is a kind, loving, beautiful girl, who is alot of the time, misunderstood by others. She may come across as moody but she just wants some friends. She has 2 close friends, mainly her BF and her best friend.
person 1: who's that girl and why does she look sad?

person 2: her name must be ava.
by 4321plokmjunhybgtvfrcdexswzaq December 19, 2012
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