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Is a super sweet and beautiful woman. She is very classy and is one of the most sincere people you can meet. She often works with kids. She ushally has 3 kids of her own the first born a daughter middle-boy youngest-girl. She has a beautiful shade of brown hair and the prettiest brown eyes you could ever see. Everybody that meets her adores her because you cant help but smile when you see the gorgeous face of hers:)
Wow that girl is mighty fine.. She must be an Eva!
by yodawgggg December 29, 2009
Name of the first woman on earth.

AND: Eva is like a synonym for angel. She is everything positive. Lovely, smart, beautiful, funny, loving, honest, trustworthy, talented, sings like a goddess and so much more.

There is nothing better than having an Eva as a friend, daugther, sister or mom. She is like every human being should be.

So if you need an angel go and search for an Eva.
She is an Eva i can see her wings.
by adler.schwarzer February 22, 2011
Hot International Girl, International Hotness, Hot Foreign Girl, Exotic Spaniard, Hot Spanish Girl, etc...
And definitely and most importantly NOT a Hueva.
Hans: Whoa! (as he sees an Eva walking by) That sure is a really hot international girl!
Katrina: Yes, she's definitely an Eva!
by LaGuapa June 20, 2007
Eva is one of the most beautiful women you will ever see. She has this essence about here that you just can't ignore. She is kind, gentile, loving, and never puts herself first. When you see her you just want to be near her. She has beautiful dark hair and majestic blue eyes. Eva's are the kindest and most caring women, her sense of humar is astounding and although she is little hear heart is huge. If you need a good friend, find an Eva.
Eva is so pretty.
by zoeeoz February 06, 2010
a girl who is a little shy and usually EPICALLY AWESOME! likes to be random when she talks and likes alternative ROCK! bands. likes to ask some weird questions but saying them in a cool way and usually almost always using a (:, ;p, or a :D. oh yeah and is a KICK ASS GIRL!!!
man that girl is so cool she must be an eva!
by tacodude March 26, 2010
The most amazing person ever.
Everyone wants to be with her, around her, or do her.
She turns heads, and makes guys drop to their knees.
Shes intelligent and laid back,
she loves to have fun and gives amazing advice.
She's extremely sexy and could even look good in an old t-shirt.
That girls a stunna ! shes deffinetly an Eva
by divaeva July 03, 2010
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet, she's kind and not at all shallow. She is super smart and very sexy. She can be quite the flirt but at the end of the day she only thinks about one guy. She's loyal and trustworthy, and has all the guys falling head over heels for her. Perhaps the perfect girl.
"Bro, look there's Eva!"
"Dude she is fucking HOT"
by llamalover246 November 17, 2011
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