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Of ethereal beauty; extremely beautiful; usually referring young girl with perfect features, blond hair and light eyes.
Karen is angelically beautiful.
by jojo November 30, 2004
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1. A women that completely reflects perfection.

2. A woman with the perfect personality.
3. Or a woman with both.
Juan: That's her over there.
Peter: Damn, she's angelic. You always did like the 5 star babes.
Juan : No, she's above that, 5 star is too low for me.
Peter: Real smooth Juan.
by Dauntless Lionheart April 18, 2015
Angelic is what adults call children who are good at lying and looking cute(to the point where they look like an angel). Some parents even call their children this who do not look cute and who aren't good at lying especially if they are an only child. Angelic children are best spotted as the ones who beat up the other kids at lunchtime or who are setting fire to cats.
The opposite of angelic is demonic which is reserved for children who don't look quite as cute as Angelic kids or aren't as good at lying.
Mother one: "Oh my Bobby looks so Angelic."
Mother two: "I don't know how to tell you this but I think he set fire to my cat."
Mother one: "Oh no my little angel wouldn't do that. Bobby did you set fire to her cat"
Bobby: "No mum"
Mother one: "See it must have been the neighbours child, he is so demonic."
by Dragonwars11 January 20, 2009
a kickasss girl who is great in every single aspect. She is also very beautiful, sweet and kind. She loves to play soccer and is just a well liked girl. Angelic is also in love with a boy named Josh.
Yay angelic.
girl: wow look at angelic
guy: i know she is hot
girl: and good at soccer
guy: id so tap that.
by omgitsangelic June 12, 2008
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