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A) Your the bestest friend I've eva had
B) Thx!! xx
by horselova4eva9693905 June 27, 2010
17 28
Extra Vaginal Attachment.

A large strap on dildo worn by a woman to take the man's role in penetrative sex.
Victor: Dude, what's up with your walk this morning?

Chase: I went back to Jenny's place last night, she pulled out the biggest E.V.A. I've ever seen.
by nantuckettuck October 19, 2009
3 14
A girl, usually stuck up and rude. Befriends many people, but those who can see her for herself get shut out and shunned. Often is disliked my many people and never takes other peoples ideas. Is into alternative rock.
1: Hey, eva is kinda pretty!
2: Yea but nobody likes her.
by KittyKatLove June 07, 2012
11 29
a good lookin chick who is also the biggest bi polar bitch you've ever met
guy 1: hey man u still dating eva?

guy 2: fuck no man....she was pretty but that bitch is nuts

guy 1: damn shame
by THE THRUTH707 October 07, 2009
86 166
Often The Name Of A hot Stuck up Lesbian who likes dildos
lol eva
by anonymouse:| March 27, 2010
41 139
Chick from MGS 3: Snake Eater. There's a lot of twists about her and ADAM you find out at the end of the game that really pissed me off. She basically just helps snake out, except when she gets injured and you have to run through the woods with her. I found it easier just to knock her unconsicence (sp) with the AK-47 and drag her weak ass throughout the forest.
Fanboys from around the world play MGS 3 just to knock EVA out and zoom in on her boobies with the sniper rifle.
by Liquid Metal Snake April 01, 2005
64 175
A blonde-haired hottie that is a character in Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater. She is puuurrrrty....^-^ she also looks pretty sexy for a chick from the 60's. That hairstyle is quite modern-looking!
"What role will this Eva chick play in MGS3? We'll find out in November 2004...."
by Dave May 24, 2004
91 207