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The act of using ones knees to drive while simultaneously using a set of drum sticks to play the drum beat of music on the radio. Usually this is accomplished with the volume at the maximum setting. Some variations use the bottom of the steering wheel as the snare, the top is the hi hat, toms can be played on the seat or any surface that produces a thump, the bass can be played by stomping the floor board with the foot that doesn't do anything anyways, and symbols can be played on the windows. Many accomplished "Stick Drivers" can navigate even the most congested inner city streets or highway system seamlessly drumming to the heaviest metal music. Some lower level "stick drivers" should start of with a slow country song in the Walmart parking lot...
Police Officer: Sir, can you explain the reason you were swirving?
Guy: I was just started "driving stick"...
Police Officer: Ok I will let you off with a warning
Guy: drives off..
Police Officer: Hey... that was an automatic....

Guy: Drives into on coming traffic hitting a bus full of old clown nuns killing everyone in a huge explosion while slipknot blares from his radio...
Police Officer: haha... Noobs
by Condawg090 January 05, 2012

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