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5 definitions by McInnes

a bruise or welt appearing on a hockey player's body due to a puck impact, which looks like a hickey.
the goalie took a puck in the neck last week, and his hockey hickey still hasn't gone away.
by McInnes January 19, 2006
euphemism for masturbation
studies show that hacking the lettuce 5 times a week reduces prostate cancer rates. That, and its fun too.
by McInnes May 14, 2005
in a woman's case, to be heterosexual

in a male's case, to be homosexual

in reference to penis, and enjoying them.
my girlfriend drives stick.

Liberace drove stick.
by McInnes November 08, 2005
to do something immediately and quickly

Primarily UK slang
Get over here and pay me my money, quick snap!

I told him to fix my TV quick snap.
by McInnes November 13, 2005
a bottle of beer, due to its effects on brains.
the game's about to start, toss me a brain grenade Jack.

Heineken or Guinness?
by McInnes January 26, 2006