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Those instant noodles you eat when nobody makes food especially because it only takes two minutes and its great taste
Man! nobody made any fucking food so I had to resort to Cup-O-Noob to survive
by LasPlagas December 01, 2009
when engaged in walking and your shoes make a squeaking noise for every step you take
*squeak *squeak *squeak *squeak
Gerb- Whata hell is that noise?
Tiny- Nigga I got Spongebob feet, I need new kicks
by LasPlagas April 29, 2010
slang term for the clear milky substance aquired by constant stimulation of a hispanic mans member
Hey Sofia how bout some hot sauce with that burrito?
by LasPlagas October 21, 2009
to masterbate
G.chav : A yo where's Ray Jiga?

Arly: He said he is helping his mom...

G.chav : Hmmm so he's driving stick shift
by LasPlagas December 01, 2009
the act of receiving oral stimulatin from a babe until you erupt both piss and jizz all over her mouth, face, tits... you name it
R.jiga: yo nigga where were you at?

G.chav: man i was just at 7-11, i know the chick that works there so i got myself a free chili dog and a slurpee.
by LasPlagas October 21, 2009
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