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Also known as a stick shift or manual. Only true drivers and/or racers have experienced this kind of thrilling way of driving. Usually will result in ultimate bordedom if switched back to automatic transmission. Not a car for Wimps, posers, and of the sort.
Racer boy in Honda Civic: Yo, you want to race that Lexus IS 300 against my tricked out civic?
Me(Walking over to examine his car):Hell no!
Racer boy: Why not?
Me: I'd burn you cos you dont drive manual transmission.
Racer boy: Thats true... i suck :*(
by Lexus IS300 manual transmission October 23, 2005
The way that driving has always been done. In order to drive in manual, you control a clutch and a gearshift in addition to gas and brakes. Manual transmissions give you much more information about your car such as its feel, its power, its engine to gear ratios, etc.

Newcomers to manual transmissions often stall out and get frustrated by the addition of extra controls. But if you practice at it a lot, it becomes delightfully challenging, you will feel out of place in an automatic by comparison, and the feeling you get when you drive circles (or donuts) around your friends is totally worth it.
I've been driving in manual transmission for so long, automatic just didn't feel the same. My hand kept reaching for a stick that wasn't there, and I almost hit the emergency brake thinking it was the clutch. I hope automakers keep offering stick-shift models!
by spinaltapsoundguy November 10, 2009