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An insatiable and overpowering sense of hunger one gets after a few hours of drinking.
"Dan was so powered by the drunchies that he found a Dominos obscured in complete darkness."
by SkyFood July 07, 2009
The fashionable, attractive set of women that frequent bars and clubs to be admired and ogled at. Usually very hard to talk to.
"Dude you should go hit on her, she's banging."
"No way dude, she's a member of the clitterati -- I'll wait till I'm rich or famous."
by SkyFood June 14, 2009
A physically weak teen/man who closely resembles a dweeb, but is constantly trying to be cooler than he is. Doinks don't have to be smart or computer-savvy, but must always be a a harmless loser. Much more endearing than tools.
"Did you see Superbad? That McLovin is such a lovable doink."
by Skyfood April 04, 2009
A particular stretch of road/highway that is so often clogged it makes you want to commit suicide whenever you drive on it.
"We should walk there. At this time of night Lafayette street is a suicideway."
by Skyfood April 04, 2009
A bartender whose attention is so hard to get (s)he must be distracted by dictator duties.
"Dude you were up there for twenty minutes!" "I know, she's a total czartender."
by Skyfood April 05, 2009
When one needs to break up their current activity for the sole purpose of defecation.
"Dude, we gotta stop this jog and find some bushes for a shitstop. I got a growler the size and temper of grandma coming."
by SkyFood June 14, 2009
A hug between brothers, whether they be blood or emotional.
"You're leaving for two weeks? It's brug time."
by Skyfood January 20, 2010
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