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1. to doink
2. the act of hitting someone in a comical way so as to need sound effects.
*punch* "doink"
by billymac May 20, 2003
1:an answer to any question, comment, or noise... and stuff.
2:oh i understand, thats cool i guess
dood 1 : dood, i totally fuckin boned your mom.

dood 2 : meeyah
by billymac April 24, 2003
To stealthily engage in intercourse , like a ninja of the minge
"I snuck in there and shagged the arse off her, I was a proper minja"
by Billymac July 23, 2013
1. trucking company
2. word that has parallel meanings with that of sick, wicked, hellacool, bayad, deck
dood, it was fuckin jevic like fuckin jevic and shit.
by billymac April 24, 2003
your hoe is so fat (in a racist slur of a chinese accent)
yo g, yohosaphat, that she has a welcome back party whenever she turns around
by billymac April 29, 2003

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