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Dextromethorphan, a beautiful drug found in common cough syrups, see dextroverse dot org.
I Love DXM.
by PeoplesMind September 10, 2003
285 175
The drug dextromorphan hydrobromide, found in cough medicine. Many cold medicines have acetaminophen, which will kill you if you overdose. So be careful.
This cough syrup has a lot of DXM, but the psuedoephedrine, chlorphineramine maleate, acetaminophen, and guaifenisen will kill you if you try to trip on it.
by Jesustussin March 28, 2003
134 76
Dextromethorphan, Fucking good stuff once you get up to the 3rd Plateau. You gotta love the DXM Wacky Cam, lol.
You gotta love that stuff, bro.
What Stuff?
DXM, The best Drug...
by shadow77110 June 09, 2006
106 61
DXM is a dissociative hallunicogenic drug found in most cough syrups. It's recreational dose ranges from 100-2,000 mg. Most reccommend that you NEVER take more then 20mg/kg (1 kg=2.2 pounds) or take anything that has ative ingredients other then Dextromethorphan (which DXM is short for) as you can overdose. Effects can be felt with around 2mg/kg on a half full stomach with most taking 3-10mg/kg. When you go above 8 it becomes less euphoric (aka fun) and more hallucinogenic (weird).
The plateaus are:
1.5-3mg/kg= 1st
8-15mg/kg= 3rd
over 15mg/kg= 4th

Be aware your pupils will become dililated badly and will stay dililated for a while even after the effects wear off and its easy to tell when someone's on it (almost as easy as alcohol) and you might puke.
I took 43 coughgels of DXM and she took 17, but she's more fucked up then me!
by Guntroll July 10, 2008
74 40
Abberviation for "Dextromethorphan", a Dissociative Anistetic found in Robitussin but known for its psychadelic qualities
John and I ate 750 milligrams of DXM, and tripped our balls off.
by Psychonaut April 28, 2003
60 29
Bad ass shit that landed me in the fucking ER... watch the dosage in relation to who you are.
Man last night I was so fucked, I thought I was gonna die.
by SarhaCo January 12, 2004
93 66
Dextromethorphan HBr. You have to take 500mg+ to really experience it. Extremely easy to get, just use some acting skills at the checkout, and dress like a nerd when buying it. Don't get the cough syrup, get the liquid gels. RESPECT THIS SHIT it will get you EXTREMELY EXTREMELY FUCKED UP. My third favorite drug, behind OxyContin and shrooms.
DXM is jesus. Yesterday when i got home from school, i swallowed 2 bottles of Robitussin Cough and a bottle of Robitussin CoughGels. I remember trying to do the moonwalk on top of my dad's truck. I also rememeber trying to look for the button you have to push every 180 minutes to save the world, but them i remembered that was only on Lost and i went home and tried to think of new and interesting sexual positions for my friend Maria.
by justd4nce February 24, 2009
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