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also dextromethorphan hydrobromide

this shit is off the hook!
DXM is what I'm getting when I wake up in the morning.
by ecco z r February 27, 2006
actve drug found in many over the counter and in Canada basic shelf cough medications. Robitussin DM Contac Cold Caps, Benylin DM, and really shit tasting Buckleys DM, which I have never tried and don't advise.
The best one I found was the Robotussin DM in the red package. This is because of the fact that there is nothing mixed with the DXM, no pseudo-ephedrine, etc. Start by taking 100- 125 ml per trip and work your way up. Find the level that you are the most comfortable with and stick to it. It is unadvisable to mix this drug wth anything, the Tusiin should be enough. Definitely do not mix with alcohol, if you fall asleep on this mixture, which is very easy to do, you will almost certainly wake up within 1 to 3 hours later with one hell of a headache that is impossible to get rid of. My wife and I took tussin almost every night for 3 months sraight with only one bad trip which was set off by mixing with heavy quantities of Weed and uncertain situations, i.e. we though there were cops watching us from the back alley. However the paranoia was just as bad if not worse then acid trips gone bad and could easily land you in a psych ward if you don't have prior knowledge of how to get through a bad trip. A Babysitter or tripsitter with prior knowledge of what to do in this case the first time is advisable as well, once again it is a hallucinogen so everyone will react different, but with a little caution and the right doses it is one of the safest and trippiest experiences possible.
by Bobby Morning Owl February 04, 2008
Dissociative drug (dextromorphan hydrobromide) found in cough medicine that can produce intense hallucinations and out of body experiences with high doses. Found in Robitussen Maximum Stength and Contac Cough Caps (pure DXM; no additives. Not available in the US, but found in Canada)
'You wanna trip on DXM?'

Its hard to give an example as it is a street term for a drug, not slang for an action per say.
by hovx248 March 27, 2004
short for the drug Dextromethorphan. Found in OTC cough syrups as well as being sold in tablet and capsule forms. When used recreationaly however, it can cause intensely exciting trips that more than likely will cause you to try it again.. and again.. and again.. and again.
DXM is fun! i tripped on 2 bottles of delsym. i was in another fuckin world!
by punk77 December 01, 2009
Ingredient found in most cold and cough medication. To get a high off of DXM (Dextramethorphan Hydrobromide HBR 30mg or 60mg) you must take a minimum of 240mg of DXM. As time progresses from the use of DXM you will have to consume more medication to get the euphoric hallucination that you had the first time you used DXM.
Dude when I first took shit that had DXM in it, it only took 8 to fuck me up. Now that I've taken them long it takes at least 24 to get me a buzz.
by kiddo19414 November 21, 2012
A very strong drug that is found in cough suppresents.
It's found in ones such as, coricidin cough and cold, robitussin, delsym, etc.

If your a beginner don't take more than 6-8 ccc's or one bottle or tussin or delsym.
But i don't recommend ccc. It includes another ingredient that for short is CPM.
It's very deadly in too high of amounts and makes most people throw up.
Robitussin and delsym doesn't have the added ingredients.

Contrary to peoples beliefs, it doesn't cause euphoria.It doesn't cause much emotion. Your just kind of, blank.
Everything looks different and unfamiliar, especially people.
Most of the time you'll get a stomach ache before it really kicks in.
It takes away all hunger, and increases youyr heart rate extremely.
On high amounts you may hallucinate, but it's not too likely.
You can feel dissasociation(feeling like your not connected to your body) extreme confusion, and very strange waves of paranoia.
And on every dose you feel light as a feather.
Everything seems really weird, and many people get the sensation that everything is moving(usually downwards). Not hallucinating everything moving, just feeling as if it is.

I've never seen somebody laugh or smile on high amounts of it. Your pupils dialate and usually stay that way for a few days.
The worst part to your face is, your eyes widen very largely and stay that way the whole time. Making you look scared or surprised the whole time.
It all hits you at once so sometimes it can be very overwhelming and uncomfortable.
It's best to be somewhere you can lay down, for it feels relaxing when your uncomfortable or panicked.

Some people get very frightened on it and think they're gonna die. It seems this happens to a lot of people, but not to all.

You'll get the strangest thoughts you'll ever have and overall it's very interesting.
I wouldn't say it's fun or even too enjoyable.
Just, intense, and a crazy experience.
He drank a bottle of robitussin with only DXM as the ingredient and bugged out all night.
by Alwaysandforever999 July 21, 2009
if a large amount is taken, it messes with your mind. a popular drug to find it in is Cloricidin Cough and Cold, but can be deadly. To be safer, use Dexalone, which does not have harmful side effects.
Eight pills of CCC, containing DXM totally fucks you up!
by jules June 12, 2003