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Not an out of body experience or order of the british empire...
Pretty much a black person, the nigga that will mug you on the road for a pair of shoes. the people you are scared to walk past

Also: Obbed - robbed
Person #1 Shit look at that obe coming down the road

Person #2 RUN!!!!!
by Kenyan swagga October 19, 2010
91 54
An Out of Body Experience. When someone's soul becomes distatched to their body. This is usually accompanied by a floating feeling and for the first time can be scary.

NOT astral rising
OBE needs no example. This is quite clearly explained in the definition.
by Froggie Guado August 03, 2007
106 98
obes (see obes)
Obes is Obes
by Obes October 22, 2003
18 18
obes is obes
by #ausgamers October 22, 2003
12 13
Overcome By Events, used to designate dead projects that were overwhelmed and defeated.

I had high hopes for this project on Monday, but it was OBE by Thursday.
by Joel D. Parker September 25, 2006
56 58
fat...way fat. derived from "obese"
"Hun, he's way too obes to make it in Hollywood, she needs to lose 100 lbs, ASAP."
by chezmiko March 12, 2005
10 12
Old, crusty, obsolete
John Howard is Obes is Obes
by Einstein August 03, 2004
3 9