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A brand of cough syrup made my Whitehall and Robins... Most of these syrups contain DXM, a mind altering drug that is capable of producing euphoria.
Jimmy drank a bottle of robitussin for his cough, while Beau drank a bottle of robitussin to get messed up.
by beau June 30, 2004
Cough medicine.

Also, one hell of a drug.

When taken in large doses, may cause one to become Robocop.
Dude, he took so much robitussin, he was Robocop for a week!
by Chris Vehemence October 28, 2006
a substance commonly found in my stomach.
maaaan I just drank acoupel bottles of robitussin
by like robitussin August 05, 2003
An over-the-counter drug used by kids in small towns that can't get anything else, but then realize how amazing it is especialy with Marijuana.
"Anyone up for some robitussin tonighht! Wooohooo!"
by Reggie Watts March 07, 2005
The cure for just about any thing
kid. Mom Chris just got hit by a car.

Mom. Ill get the robitussin

kid. I just burnt myself on the stove
mom. I'll get the robitussin

kid. Mike jumped out his window and broke his leg
mom. Quick get the robitussin
by LostChitsukibeast November 27, 2010
cough medicine
also it can be used as a drug
i did it a few times, i overover dosed once
oh my god. it was HORRIBLE i could not walk, i had to use drum sticks to walk on my knees, i passed out every so often for like a minute then couldn't remember anything that happened the last ten minutes, then i did it in school, jesus, that was bad, my other experiences was alright though..
yo i was robotrippin mad hard the other day, i had a bottole of robitussin
by brandon trips hard September 07, 2008
1. A band of cough medecin.
2. A lame attempt by this company to get people to remember their name by making it the "bless you for coughs". (yet for some reason it works)
1. I drank some robitussin to get rid of that nasty cold.
2. person 1: cough cough cough!!!!!
person 2: ROBITUSSIN!!!!
by sn_akeyes December 09, 2005
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