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An OTC antihistamine medicine which can be used as a recreational drug. When taken at the recreatinal dose, the person will hallucinate but will not know what is real and not, i.e. they will talk to a person that is not really there or try to interact with things that are not really there. After the person has come down, they will usually will not remember what happened alot like a dream.
Benadryl is a legal, OTC, lame drug.
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by shadow77110 June 19, 2006
Basically means the same as Couch potato, which means they just sit around on the couch while watching TV and usually eating.
Bill sat around all day watching TV and eating crisps so that makes him a sofa spud.
#couch potato #lazy #tv #fat #couch
by Shadow77110 January 30, 2007
Dextromethorphan, Fucking good stuff once you get up to the 3rd Plateau. You gotta love the DXM Wacky Cam, lol.
You gotta love that stuff, bro.
What Stuff?
DXM, The best Drug...
#dextromethorphan #dx #robotripping #robitussin #dxm-wacky-cam
by shadow77110 June 09, 2006
A psychoactive plant that has a very thin line between psychoactivity and poisoning. Three berries of a Deadly Nightshade plant has been fatal for a child and one leave is enough is enough to kill an adult. The roots are generally the most toxic part of the plant.

The uses of Deadly Nightshade are as follows:

Cosmetic - Used by women, an extract of Deadly Nightshade was put in an eye drop and then dropped into the eye, making the pupil dilate. This usually makes a woman more attractive.

Recreational - People may make tea out of the leaves, the experience from the plant is usually long (12 hours up to 3 days) and is similiar to Datura, Dipenhydramine and Benadryl in effects. The effects include vivid hallucinations, dry mouth and general feeling of being poisoned.

Medicine - Deadly Nightshade can provide Atropine which can be used for an antidote for cholinesterase inhibitors and nerve gas used in chemical warfare. It can be also used by optometrists to dilate the pupils for eye examinations.
Deadly Nightshade can also be called Belladonna
#datura #medicine #belladonna #dipenhydramine #nerve gas
by Shadow77110 January 09, 2007
N,N-DMT is a shortenend name of N,N-dimethyltryptamine. Most commonly named *DMT*, it is a psychedelic tryptamine that makes a very intense trip. N,N-DMT is produced natrually by the brain and is thought to be produced by the pineal gland (which is also the body's biological clock) which is located ner the center of the brain, N,N-DMT is released when you die. The methods of intake are:
Smoking: Onset comes around 15 - 30 seconds, the smoke tastes like burning plastic.
Oral: N,N-DMT is only psychoactive orally when taken with a MAOI (Monoamine oxidase inhibiter).
Snorting: Same as smoking it, only effects last longer and are milder.
Injection: Mostly the same as smoking.
DMT is scheduled is most countries.
N,N-DMT is a very psychedelic experience.
#dmt #drugs #psychedelic #natural #tripping balls
by shadow77110 July 06, 2006
Slang for the Dissociate drug "Phencyclidine" (PCP).
This term was coined after the Hell's Angels were manufacturing this drug alot, thus explaining the Angel part.
Anyway, its a really scary drug, don't do it.
Angel Dust is a terrible drug, a rapper once ripped his eyeball out while tripping on this stuff. He now lives in a mental institute.
#pcp #phencyclidine #dissociate #hells angels #drug
by Shadow77110 December 09, 2006
Trademe is a auction site for the New Zealand people, but now it also has Trademe Jobs and a number of other sites under the same ownership as Trademe such as Find Someone, Old Friends and smaps. Is now overrun by people wanting too much money for cheap things and second-hand dealers due to media publicity.

Trademe is not only an auction site with its various message boards, these message boards are filled up with annoying as hell people but there are some good people, much like any other message board.

Trademe incorperates alot from the worldwide eBay, such as "My Trademe", Feedback Percentage (i.e. 100% Positive or 45.7% Positive) and Text Message notifications.

Trademe is now under Australian ownership after being sold for 700 million NZ dollars. Trademe was invented by Sam Morgan.
www.trademe.co.nz is Trademe!
#ebay #nz #new zealand #auction #online auction
by Shadow77110 September 26, 2006
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