When one sucks on penises.

When one enjoys sucking on a male member for pleasure, recreation or money.

When you get paid to suck penis's.
I must not be a good cocksucker since I'm only getting pennies from hobos.
by Joshua Fogarty., May 03, 2010
any one or thing that sucks a penis
the gay man is a cock sucker
by dub schwan November 18, 2002
one who loves the cock
but my tubby husband here loooves the cock
by juilo March 20, 2003
A man or woman who willing and enthusiasticly derives great pleasure and enjoyment by providing a guy pleasure by expertly massaging the guy's cock with with their mouth, lips, tongue and throat to the guy's complete satifaction until he cums. Which a true cocksucker swallows.
Of course I swallow, I'm a cocksucker.
by tulsa_cocksucker June 27, 2011
a person who will do ANYTHING for personal pleasure or gain. This person uses people with sob stories and fibs and worms and weedles the way to his/her goal BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY (no diss to Malcolm Shabazz). Such people are also called brownnosers, bootlickers and asskissers.
Every day at the start of the shift Greg went to Mr. Goremann's office for a special "pumping up" chat session. The rest of us working "trash" would watch this drama enact itself day after day. We'd say, "Looka this. Greg is such a cocksucker!". One day Greg got promoted to head chief of the plant crew. 6 months later he hung himself in a storeroom with a note saying that he lost his soul and couldn't handle the new responsibilities.
by Moon Dancer August 20, 2010
A rooster-shaped lollipop.
The little girl was browsing through the selection of animal shaped lollipops/suckers and chose the cocksucker.
by FrostyHotSauce October 13, 2011
used as an adjective to decsribe someone or somthing that has pissed you off
That dumb cocksucker wouldant know the difference between a sneeze and a wet fart
by ldye1990 July 31, 2008

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