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Stylish, graceful and beautiful without being trashy or common. Someone who is poised and mature who carries themselves with an air of confidence and sophistication.
She looked very elegant as she glided into the room wearing a long satin gown that trickled behind her on the floor.
by TheOriginalKrazyKurves December 18, 2008
162 34
(noun) a member of the new generation of writers trying to attain the passion and skill of their craft while shedding the skin of the beatnik generation.
"You tell they are part of the elegants by the way they describe the light."
by oliviaeden March 28, 2013
7 2
Sarah Early

Jealous Person #1: "Oh who is that epitome of elegance over there?"
Jealous Person #2: "Sarah Early. God she is elegant."
by sibloom May 05, 2013
6 7
having to poop really bad but hiding it
Bro, we've been in skate camp for six days and you've put on twenty pounds.
Shut up dude, I'm elegant!
by dontuseyourrealnamedontdoit April 12, 2011
15 44
Engineer slang for a very clean or innovative way of solving a problem. i.e. the opposite of a kludge
While only requiring 20 minutes to code, Bob's automated porn cataloging app was some of the most elegant work his boss has ever seen.
by E2 March 14, 2005
34 66