Somebody that enjoys sucking a lot of cock.

Note: Usually, people define a cock sucker as a whore but that's usually only when he or she does it with multiple people and not just one. This act can be done by homosexuals or heterosexuals.
Dillon is a cock sucker because he does it weekly with his boyfriend.
#cock sucker #cock #sucker #dillon #homosexual #hetersexual
by Night-Light March 26, 2011
a person who deliberatly puts a cock in there mouth for enjoyment.
Wow Johann your such a cock sucker.
#dick #cock #suck #sucker #suck a dick
by Quin IS GAY!! December 30, 2008
One who is predictably unreliable and will foul up whatever he or she is attempting to do--especially while doing something for another person.
That cocksucker couldn't drive five miles without getting lost.
by Will Rikerson September 17, 2005
A male who enjoys performing oral sex on other males.
I love to suck cocks. I don't care if you call me a cocksucker cause I like it!
by badlandsboy December 23, 2003
Someone who is an asshole
Mark Creps is a cock sucker
#ohion #asshole #dickhead #moron #loser
by Ty Town June 07, 2011
Anyone that polishes the wang.
Darryl is well know cock-sucker.
by Pundae January 07, 2004
A term used constantly in the HB0 television series "Deadwood" to refer to any character who has displeased another. Widely employed by Deadwood inhabitants who speak little English (aside from the word cocksucker).
"San Francisco cocksucker"--Mr. Woo, Deadwood character
"San Francisco cocksucker"--Al Swearingen, Deadwood character
by Toollio August 31, 2005
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