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1)One who sucks male genitals.
2)One who puts live chickens in their mouth and sucks.

see also Liberal
"I'll show those cock-suckers where they can stick it"
by Cody March 12, 2003
A cocksucker is a woman who believes that cock rules the world. She puts it above her children and other women. She's a "sucker" because she buys into that cock-a-doddle-do-shit; she also literally and figuratively loves to suck cock...morning, noon, and night.
Tommy gets the first slice of pie, Joey gets the second, and you can have the crumbs Suzy.

(What a cocksucker!)
by TheLollipopKid April 19, 2011
A sarcastic way to define ones mouth. The term is most often used towards a gigantic Tool Box.
Dude, if you dont shut the hell up, I'm gonna punch you in your cock sucker!
by Hot Rivet October 22, 2009
what is Steven Slovensky
That guy Steven Slovensky is such a cocksucker, The other day he told me he could suck a golfball through a garden hose.
by Franky Fingers November 25, 2013
Someones mouth. Usually used to describe sombody who is talking shit.
If this mother fucker keeps flapping his cock sucker were gonna have a problem!!

Every single time im around this dude all he does is run his cock sucker.
by ftax215x July 24, 2012
the big flapping mouth of anyone who annoys the shit out of you by non stop talking
You're giving me a headache. Shut yer cocksucker!!!...Also "Shut yer cunt"works too
by mrmugga October 03, 2011
Somebody that enjoys sucking a lot of cock.

Note: Usually, people define a cock sucker as a whore but that's usually only when he or she does it with multiple people and not just one. This act can be done by homosexuals or heterosexuals.
Dillon is a cock sucker because it does weekly with his boyfriend.
by Night-Light March 26, 2011