the big flapping mouth of anyone who annoys the shit out of you by non stop talking
You're giving me a headache. Shut yer cocksucker!!!...Also "Shut yer cunt"works too
by mrmugga October 03, 2011
A cocksucker is a woman who believes that cock rules the world. She puts it above her children and other women. She's a "sucker" because she buys into that cock-a-doddle-do-shit; she also literally and figuratively loves to suck cock...morning, noon, and night.
Tommy gets the first slice of pie, Joey gets the second, and you can have the crumbs Suzy.

(What a cocksucker!)
by TheLollipopKid April 19, 2011
Usually meant to mean bad man, but it's a good woman. How'd people get that mixed up?
Wow, what a cocksucker!!!
by INURA!!! April 13, 2009
a guy who likes to wrap his pretty lil mouth round my penis. I love getting pleased by a cock sucker. Bald head preferred. I love him suck my meat.
Michael knows how to suck my pole , hes a great cock sucker.
by Mr. Vitale December 27, 2007
n. A rude, selfish or contemptible person. A fancy way to insult someone who's pissed you off.
"That lousy cocksucker tried to rip me off."
"He's a big time cocksucker when he's druknk."
by Allen23 June 26, 2005
Another derogative word to use in place of "mouth."
"I'll punch you right in the cocksucker."

"Hey, could you please shut your cocksucker?"
by Hugenstein September 09, 2011
Anyone (male or female) who has ever placed a male sexual organ in their mouth and sucked on it.
“One dick, you suck one little dick, and people label you as a COCKSUCKER for life!”
by RockSteel July 26, 2011

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