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1. a generalized strong insult, requiring no foreknowledge of the target
2. an individual who consistently takes pleasure in pointing out your "failures," no matter how insignificant
3. an individual who schemes against you vindictively, out of a real or imagined fear that they are inferior to you
4. someone who is not conscious enough to realize they are fucking something up; whose lack of discretion causes you hardship
5. anyone who is an evil force in your life
1. (driving) "That cocksucker just cut me off!"
2. "This guy Gary at work snickered when the copy machine jammed on me. What a little cocksucker."
3. "This dude at the bar kept following me around, saying insults under his breath. Then he walked right in front of me when I was playing darts with Kris. I slammed that cocksucker against the wall."
4. "Susan asked Brad where I was last night, and he totally just said 'Vegas' without even thinking. Goddamn that cocksucker."
5. "My next-door neighbor is such a cocksucker."
by Bill Bryson August 30, 2007
Some one who sucks a lot of cock
d-lee is a cock sucker!
by Nicole <3 August 24, 2005
An idiot. An asshole. Word used for anyone who is genuinely a fucking piece of shit.
I'm gonna fucking kill that cocksucker for stealing my drugs.
by chicagobastard November 29, 2006
inhabitants of the planet earth
planet earth is inhabited by cocksuckers
by you all need to die June 29, 2004
someone who is a dumbass in general, doesn't necessarily suck on a guy's penis, but definitely is a jackass that no one likes at all
Hey DOUCHE your a cocksucker!!!
someone who sucks on male genitalia
joe cullen is a cock sucker
by cool dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee January 03, 2009
A man or woman who sucks a man's penis.
Gabe sucks Landry's cock on a regular basis. Thus, he is a cocksucker.
by Gabe Landry October 10, 2006