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a phrase used when somone cant be bothered to do something
person1: "lets call the police on those bankrobbers"
person2: "effort"

'bankrobbers continue and successfully rob the bank'
by scene-person June 04, 2005
Something that no one wants to hear about.
Baker: I hope you like this cake, I spent 7 hours in the kitchen preparing it.
Guest (trying to be nice): Yeah it's really good (spits it out)

Student: Please accept my research project, I stayed up all night for a week getting it done!
Professor: No, I wanted APA formatting, not MLA. You get a zero.

Guy: I did nothing these past 3 days cuz I was waiting for your call.
Girl: What's wrong with you?? Get a life!

*- Don't EVER reveal the effort you spent on something! -*
by UrbanPrick April 06, 2010
something most men lack these days
not following through on their word, not putting in effort to be a man.
by tiredwoman March 25, 2012
It is considered an effort when:
1.Something is very poor/rubbish/daft.
2.Someone is being foolish (i.e. bipping someone).
Person 1 - "Pick that up"
Person 2 - "You're a proper effort you!"
by Martin Heward September 14, 2004
Rural northeastern pennsylvania town containing a bunch of shrewish, skeezy crackers.
Everyone from Staten Island moves to Effort.
by Smartie May 15, 2004
When an individual puts out or gives it up.
Julie finally gave me some effort after all these years.
by Feliks March 09, 2006
When something is done by someone following what they think is a winning formula, but their lack of imagination and mediocrity shines through.
Her: Did you hear the new Radiohead song?
Him: Yeah, a complete effort.

Him: Did you see the new bridge over the Liffey?
Her: Yeah, what an effort.
by Maidhcil Mac Fheorais September 18, 2007
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