At least it's not Cleveland, and it's certainly better than Columbus. It's the best city Ohio has to offer. Which isn't saying much.
"Where are you from?"-Boy 1
"Cincinnati"-Boy 2
"Where's that?"-Boy 1
by The Word Burglar December 11, 2007
A lot of people on here may think that Cincinnati is all great and fun. They say you can't judge it unless you have been there, but I live here and it is boring as shit about 90% of the time. If you are a tourist and you had to choose between Cincinnati and somewhere else, go somewhere else. No one in their right mind would ever want to vacation here. The whether is always crappy, the sports teams here always disappoint, and there is nothing to do.
Hey should I go to Cincinnati or Chicago?

Don't ever go to Cincinnati. It is a huge waste of time.
by crispytaters69 February 02, 2015
A wonderful city in southwestern Ohio, just across from the great Commonwealth of Kentucky. However, people are slightly odd here. They have extreme obsessions for chili and beanbag toss, which they like to call cornhole. Their sports teams are fairly good as well, especially the Reds.
People there, and even here NKU (my college), can always been heard saying "WHO-DEY!" all the time during football season. It's some Cincinnati thing that has to do with the Bengals, I hear.

The Kentucky Yankee, bringing you numerous definitions for multiple Midwestern cities and other things since August 1, 2004.
by The Kentucky Yankee September 27, 2005
Don't listen to what anyone on here says about Cincinnati! It is a great city. It is even the birthplace of Steven Spielburg.

The best city in Ohio; known for its chili, goetta (that stuff's amazing, you have to try it at least once in your lifetime), local festivals, the Reds, the Bengals (yeah, we know that they suck but back off, we're not the only ones), friday night football games (go Elder High School!), goetta fest, Graeter's ice cream, numerous Catholic High Schools, Drive-thru's, and much more.

Everyone says that Cincinnati sucks. Why? Yes, we don't have the best pro-sports-teams, but it takes a true fan to keep watching even when they're losing. Plus, we have great high school sports and, occasionally, good college teams. Elder High School has the most players in the NFL than any other high school football program in the U.S. Yes, we don't have a great night life downtown, but there are great places to go barhopping. My friends and family often go barhopping in Cheviot, because everything's so close so they don't have to have a DD. And, I don't know why everyone keeps talking about how Cincinnati has a high crime rate. I have lived here since I was born, and I have never seen a large amount of crime, nowhere near Detroit or Chicago. Someone said on here that if you go to Cincinnati, you will get shot. This is false. And no, there are not ghettos at every corner. There are some bad neighborhoods, but every city has those.
Don't hate on Cincinnati.
by I love Cincinnati, so f**k off November 24, 2011
1) n. A unique city in southwest Ohio.
2) v. To leave an unenjoyable and unquenching amount of beverage at the bottom of a container that barely fills a quarter of the glass. Also, to leave two drops of a beverage in the container.
2) v. As the appalled Bob poured the remaining four drops of juice into his glass, he screamed, "Hey! Who cincinnatied the orange juice? Why didn't you just finish it and buy a new bottle?"
by Flanks January 17, 2008
An amazingly mis-represented city. Im an Ohio native and have even lived in the inner-city Cincinnati. No matter what these other shit heads tell you...Cinncinnati is NOT A GHETTO! It is nearly an all white city filled with hard-working people and interesting food. It is by far the LEAST ghetto place that I have ever lived in. The crime rate in Cincinnati does not even touch the crime found in my true native ghetto suburb or South Euclid/Lyndhurst. Do not listen to anyone that tries to convince you that Cinci is a ghetto. They are assholes.
Cincinnati Native: "Yo, yo, yo....reppin Cinci up in heah!"

South Euclid Native: "You got to da count of 10 to start
running before I pop a cap in yo ass"
by Zuke July 18, 2006
listen to this definition because all those other definitions are fake bullshit. i don't even think these people live even close to Cincinnati, i actually live in northern Kentucky so i actually know the situation there! Cincinnati is one of the best cities by far in the mid west, with all of the murders and screaming from neighbors, the black ghetto hicks, the white Bengals fans, who which of course, drink alot and shoot heroin, and don't forget about there chili! seriously, it looks like the stuff that comes out of my ass after eating Chipotle for about a week. all the teenagers here are fake, and the kids cuss out their parents and try to steal their mommy's meth. if you want a place better than Cincinnati, then maybe you should have gone off to detroit to live out your happy life!
DAD: honey! i just won the hundred million jackpot lottery ticket! we can finally move to the beautiful Hawaiian island Maui like we would in our dreams! we can start a brand new life together!

MOM: are you fucking retarded? we can use that money to buy a lifetime supply of meth!

BOY: i sure wish my parents moved to detroit instead of Cincinnati.
by xtheman July 30, 2012

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