if anybody wants a true definition of cincinnati read this and i would advise you to ingore almost everything written about cincinnati on this site. here is the true cincinnati. cincinnati is a great city. it sits on the ohio river in the southwest corner of ohio, population over 300,000. it was once the one of the most famous cities back in the 1800's and early part of the 1900's, it was basicly the L.A before L.A was built. it was also one of the major cities used for the underground railroad. the population actually almost reached a million at one time. then in the 80's it began loosing population rapidly due to the increasing crime because of crack entering the city, and today is still struggling with crime, it's actually always mentioned in the 20 worst citys in america. also dayton, a city alittle to the north is much worst. there has been racial tension recently due to police beating and killing african americans at times. also conservitives run the place with a iron first. so all of this, crime, drugs, racial tension, and extreme conservatives gives cincinnati a very bad image in the country. in reallity, cicinnati is a great city. no it's not all run by gangs and dope dealers. no it's not all the ghetto. no it's not moslty white people either, and over the rhine isn't the only part with black people, it's a even mixture of both. white and black people there don't hate each other as the media tries to tell everybody. everybody there is not conservative though they run the place. there are cool places to go. the reds and bengals won't always suck forever. AND YES, CINCINNATI/DAYTON IS MUCH COOLER THAN CLEVLAND/AKRON!!! yes cincinnati has problems, i won't deny like most do, but no differn't problems then every other urban city that have a bad reputation like detroit, chicago, new york, new orleans. we get a bad reputation just like those places when they are also great cities as well.
screw what you heard about cincinnati, we'll tell you to suck these nuts.....
by somebodycool December 18, 2007
Cincinnati is a medium city on the Ohio River of about 340,000 that has a large metro of over 2 million. Although it's city population is rather small, it is a very dense city compacted in a small area. It is a beautiful city with rolling hills and 4 very distinct seasons. Two major sports venues are based there, Cincinnati Reds(mlb) and Bengals(nfl). Several major colleges are present around the city as well, including University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, and Northern Kentucky University. Cincinnati is often given a reputation as a poor and dirty place, but has many very wealthy and pleasant neighborhoods. The city is known for its classic american feeling, its food, its mlb baseball team, and its riverfront. The city is sometimes described as poor, but in reality is a city filled with rich commerce. It is the base of seven fortune 500 companies. Its airport is consistently rated as one of the nicest in the nation, and is home to a Delta Airlines hub. Cincinnati is famous for its distinctive chili. Restaurants that serve this style of chili are called skyline, gold star, and empress. Cincinnati is also the base for a famous ribs restaurant, Montgomery Inn, and is home to its own Big Boy franchise, Frisch's. The city was once the most influential city west of Pennsylvania, but its population and importance fell until the late 20th and early 21st century, when it leveled out. The city has begun to regain some of its status and population since its 20th century decline.
Winston Churchill once described Cincinnati as the most beautiful city in America------now he was a smart guy
by City Expert October 15, 2009
A town that Brody Dalle from The Distillersloves and a made song about. The song Cincinnati can be found in the drain the blood single.
The first time I've been there
In the rollin heat
I saw black love spent
and angel wings
I saw white dust choke
and kill and end the violence
by revenantguy February 13, 2005
A pleasantly bland and annoyingly conservative city that's inexpensive to live in, easy to get around in, and filled with neighborhood festivals. Horribly insular -- most people have never been outside the I-275 beltway, are ignorant about life in the remainder of Ohio, and refer to anywhere beyond Lebanon as "up north." Dotted with nice neighborhoods and urban parks. Known for chili, goetta, and "please?" Big on Catholic church festivals during the summers.
Cincinnati native: Where did you go to school?
Cincinnati transplant (naively): Case Western
Cincinnati native (confused): What high school is that? Is that on the east side?
Cincinnati transplant: It's a university. In Cleveland.
Cincinnati native: So ... you're not from around here, then?
by BuckeyeJay March 10, 2005
The only large city in the state of Ohio that sits along the river of the same name. In other words, its the only metropolis in the state that deserves the name "Ohio." Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Toledo and the rest of the major cities in the state are nowhere near the Ohio.
Cincinnati- where "Ohio" truly exists.
Birthplace of Steven Spielberg.
The Queen City originally called Losantaville that lies between the north and south bends of the ohio river. Known for the large german catholic population that immigrated here prior to the civil war . The city despite common ideas is actually the home of baseball having the first professional baseball team it is also where the NFL started when the Cincinnati Celts were established prior to the Bengals the team was part of the ohio league which would later become the NFL. Along with the germans there is a decent amount of irish followed by a small amount of itallains that all originally resided in the city. The city began its ride down in the 50s when the suburbs were built the the wealthier white familys moved from the city but the city is on the rise with pricehill and over the rhine being flipped to better days. Home to its own kind of chilli each brand has at 2 ingredients that are the same and these ingredients are unique to the city. home to goetta one of the coolest cites when it comes to drinking since along as your parents buy it for you a kid can drink at any age, due to the large catholic population each summer every weekend there is at least one festival . it is also home to the east side west side rivalry that comes from the west side being more middle class as well as old families that have lived there for generations and the east side being flashy spoiled and non-natives to the area it is a great city to grow up in the perfect mix
miami student from miami-hey we are going over to the east side to a party wanna come?

miami student from cincinnati- the east side? dont you hate them??

miami student from miami- no why would we?

miami student from cincinnati-nevermind its a cincinnati thing you wouldnt get it
by cecilia1270 June 27, 2012
At least it's not Cleveland, and it's certainly better than Columbus. It's the best city Ohio has to offer. Which isn't saying much.
"Where are you from?"-Boy 1
"Cincinnati"-Boy 2
"Where's that?"-Boy 1
by The Word Burglar December 11, 2007
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