A great place to live as long as you avoid the bad parts (theres alot of them). If you know the right people (swear to you its always just a friend of a friend) you go to partys in million dollar houses everyweek, get invited trips around the world.
Friend: Damn dude. You went to the B.V.I.'s again?

Me: Yea man. I have a friend of a friend who gets me down there every year.

Friend: Dude your so lucky you live in Cincinnati!!!
by Y.F.M.D. July 10, 2008
A scary crime ridden city
Don't go to Cincinnati, especially OTR
by georgewashingtoncarver July 10, 2011
A mostly conservative city that, coincidentally, suffers from severe population decline, bland streetlife/nightlife, racial tension, urban blight, an abusive/overworked police department, and stubbornly high crime.
They used to have a lesbian mayor, though. And the chili's good, not to mention Zip's and the Rookwood Pottery. Plus there's something to be said about the architecture and natural scenery.

Overall, nice town, but has problems it needs to work out.
by Son of a Cincinattian June 08, 2005
State in the Midwest, Not nearly as nice as Kentucky. Everyone in Cincinnati thinks it's better than everywhere else but it's actually a shithole.
Child: what's that smell?

Dad: this is the asshole of America called Cincinnati.
by Fuck you 1234 February 26, 2010
A nice place to visit. If it is before 10pm, you don't want to have fun, you are white, and don't enjoy professional sports.
Let's leave Cincinnati!
by The World August 10, 2003
A very pretty town at the ass end of a really boring state.

Why does everything close at 10 here?

Why does the North side of Central Park Avenue have ghettos and hookers, when the South side has multi-million dollar office buildings?

Why is everyone so fucking fat?

Why did Skyline Chili make me poop 4 times a day for 3 days?

Why is it, as soon as you cross the border into Covington, KY, everyone is much nicer?
Hi! I just got back from Cincinnati - no, I didn't shit myself, honey. That's the Skyline Chili I brought back for you, and it spilled.
by DoctorThrottle April 28, 2004
My friend was concieved there, I moved there and there is something about the right-wing conservatives that we can't get enough of. We just love that there is nothing to do unless you are 21 and frequently carry at least $150 in your pocket. It's a great place to kick back and insult people who are different than you.

NOTE: in case you can't tell, sarcasm is oozing from this definition.
Ben: Let's go to downtown!
Maggie: We are downtown...
Ben: Wait, why are we the only ones here, besides that fuckin' statue of a flying pig?
by MAGGIE AND BEN May 18, 2004

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