My friend was concieved there, I moved there and there is something about the right-wing conservatives that we can't get enough of. We just love that there is nothing to do unless you are 21 and frequently carry at least $150 in your pocket. It's a great place to kick back and insult people who are different than you.

NOTE: in case you can't tell, sarcasm is oozing from this definition.
Ben: Let's go to downtown!
Maggie: We are downtown...
Ben: Wait, why are we the only ones here, besides that fuckin' statue of a flying pig?
by MAGGIE AND BEN May 18, 2004
Cincinatti is an urban legend. Rumors tell of a powerful, advanced civilization south of Columbus, but as any seasoned explorer can tell you, it's all just different variations of Kentucky. The dismal, labored atmosphere of this spawning ground of strife and decay only wishes it could approach the grandeur that are the glue factories of Cleveland's warehouse district.
One bus ticket to Cincinnati, if you please. Yes, I'm aware that it sucks. I'm only staying one day.
by Worldmaker August 22, 2006
Porkopolis as in SAUSAGE! If you are a man, masturbation reigns supreme. According to last census, it is only 35% female- and their all married!
No women, no money, no jobs-no equity
by Oriax November 26, 2003
yeaaaaaah, cincinnati is fun, yeaaaaaah. i like it, it is my homeland and i enjoy living here, although it is hard getting shot at by police and having a diet consisting mainly of chili spaghetti and flying pig. yeaaaaaah
Hannah: "Do you like Cincinnati Dave?"
Dave: "It's better than New Jersey"
by Dave October 25, 2003
1.the poop capital of the United States,most toilets per capita in the US.
2.that stuff when you wipe your ass after you take a dump
Skyline Chili leaves a lot of Cincinnati to clean out of my butthole.
by Esjay December 13, 2004
a city that i live in that isn't that bad when i think of it. sure, our sports teams suck. sure, we have a lot of crime downtown. well... i actually have nothing nice to say about cincinnati, except there are a lot of malls. i live in the suburbs, so its not that bad where i live.
founded in 1967 by germans, they named it cincinnati, which of course in german means "anal hair."
by clevelandsteamer August 06, 2005
While you have the misfortune of being here, skip loveland.
by Blame canada June 15, 2003

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