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A classy combination of a Cincinnati Bowtie and a Brown Nickel. In other words, while reverse titty fucking a girl, the guy leaves a fresh shit stain on the girl's forehead.
After taking her out for a nice seafood dinner, the classy gentleman decided to give his date a Pete Rose.
by runningmidget March 07, 2011
-verb -when trying to hit a home run, and the girl is blocking the plate and saying no to your advances, you just plow over the catcher having little disregard for her and get to home plate safely. Thus having sex with her.
the girl last night wouldnt let me stick it in, so i just pulled a pete rose and had sex with her anyway.
by billy March 03, 2005
Pete Rose is a giant cunt. He has a 5 inch wide chode which he attempts to fap all day until his cat makes him his bitch.
Man, You're such a Pete Rose!
by Tuggers95 September 18, 2012
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