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An all boys catholic high school in price hill of cincinnati, Ohio. They are known as the panthers and are the biggest badasses in all the land. Elder is known for its academics, athletics, and overall superiority to St. Xavier and the rest of the GCL schools.
I wish i would have gone to Elder High School.
by turkey tom May 06, 2009
An all boy private school located in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are known for their general gayness and incapability to succeed at any type of athletic endeavor. This can be seen by witnessing any of their recent football games against Colerain Highschool. On June 5th, they hold their Annual Sausage Fest, a get-together consisting of the large portion of gay students who attend Elder, and gay Elder Alumni. Elder consists of mainly gay fags who are obviously inflamed by the fact that their sexually abusive fathers made them attend Elder instead of a school in the area with a better reputation at being thugnificent at everything, such as Colerain Highschool.
gay fag purple high school football Elder High school
by c-rain99bricksquadyur&c-rain30 January 14, 2011
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