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Beautiful, Cute, Sexy, Fine, Attractive, Sweet, Athletic, And Much More. She's Got Spunk And Swagg Too! She's A 10 On The Charts! Best Girl Alive!!!
Person 1: Yo Who's That?
Person 2: It's Christie!
Person 3: Yup, That's Her, She's Amazing!
by Super Producer SP February 26, 2009
1) An angry, bloviated, overweight, purulent, and vindictive man.

2) Someone you vote for when there are no better options available.

3) A person elected to office when ‘Mickey Mouse’ or ‘None of the above’ is not an option on the ballot.

4) The perceived lesser-of-two-evils.

5) A person who appears to change his position after he’s elected to office.

1) I don’t like listening to Rush Limbaugh because he seems to be such a Christie!

2) I wasn’t going to vote because all of the candidates suck; however, I’d better pull a Christie.

3) The only reason that Christie over there got elected was because our state doesn’t allow a ‘None of the above’ option.

4) I know what we have is not good so I’ll take my chances with that Christie over there.

5) It seems that most people you vote for, will do a Christie after they are elected.
by studmoose February 27, 2011
Irish vernacular. A person with cerebral palsy. Named after Christie Brown, the main character in the film My Left Foot, starring Daniel Day-Lewis. British equivalent is "Joey".
"Don't be a fuckin' christie!"
by Better Than Glue October 07, 2006
A Brown haired girl
Great to be around and has very good hugs :)

Usually good looking aswell
I love that christie :)
by Davidoo :) January 31, 2009
Strong, wise, fun loving spirit who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Beautiful inside and out. Will make you laugh at her and yourself. Honest soul who will be there for a lifetime if you respect her.
Christie ain't no joke, she is the real deal.
Christie is a 3% in this society.
Christie is a diamond in the rough.
Don't mess with Christie.
Who is that chick?.....Oh, that's Christie.
by DestinyRed February 04, 2010
1.One of the funniest people alive (a real comedian), Loves being around people and always lacks money
2. When you wee into a 'sandwich bag' tie it up and pop it near someone.
1. Christie makes me laugh
2. "Omg You just got christie'd mann"
by Famous-I wish January 28, 2008
Christie is very pretty and gorgeous. She's like the smartest person you'll ever meet, especially in math and is very clueless at sometimes. She is the coolest person you'll ever meet because she's just so funny and down to earth.
Robert: Omgosh , you just make me laugh soo muchhh!

Christie: Ahhhaa, goood to know :)
Robert: What's your name?

Christie: Guess..
Robert: Is it..Christie?
Christie: How'd you know??
Robert: Because your gorgeous, clueless, funny and smart
Christie: awhh <3
by cantaloupe1234567 June 27, 2011