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Natural beauty, exotic, very unique
"Did you see that girl last night, thats a Paula"
by Alpecka24 August 12, 2008
A beautiful girl with a cute name and has the BEST possible personailty I've ever met.
Paula is so nice! She's So Sweet and Caring.
by Shengy Pooh November 05, 2007
Paula is a musical, loyal friend, with a great personality, she is beautiful, sexually intriguing, passionate, and basically an incredible person.
Paula sings like an angel, never lets you down and is always there for you, her passion and hot body is so intriguing, she is an incredible person.
by I need you May 29, 2009
Hot, sexy, naturally beautiful, exotic, gorgeous, amazing smile, stunning eyes, funny, cool, friendly, easy going, reliable, trustable, loves to dance and sing, and the most wonderful person ever.
Dam that girl is fine…..

She got to be a Paula
by Dam that girl is fine August 02, 2009
a kickass mother who is da bomb and love everyone and everything. but when amd can create some serious damage.
Dude, your mom is such a Paula.
by stevieboi1991 March 19, 2009
A fantastic friend, caring and nurturing. An extremely successful, intelligent, organized individual who exudes beauty both inside and out, beloved by all. Paula deserves the best the world can offer!
Perfection is Paula!
by A Paula Lover February 03, 2010
beautiful, sexy, amazing, nice, funny, romantic, gorgeous, cherishable, with the best ass, and amazing rack
ohhh dayumm sehes lookin good, she must be a paula
by deem642 March 02, 2011
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