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The act of defecating on a room service plate and then covering it with the silver top. Can be performed in response to poor quality food, poor service, framing a coworker you are traveling with, or just random fun. For the experienced professional traveller, intercepting a coworkers meal, stealing the food for yourself while leaving a silver platter for him/her then delivering, can provide years of fond memories.
"After my coworker stiffed me with the tab for the client dinner, I left a silver platter outside his room."
by My TV Turns September 14, 2009
to eat out a girl while she is held up my another guy
Zeke and Colin silver plattered that bitch last night
by Colin Heath December 15, 2003
a postition where two men place a woman on their shoulders, and one holds her and the other eats her out
We silver platter that bitch last night
by Nick Harper December 15, 2003
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