Pretty much the coolest person alive. Deals with shit she doesn't have to. Sweet, pretty, funny, artsy, athletic.
Kind of amazing.
Hey man where were you last night? you missed this supermegafoxy chick.

oh, sorry, i was with a christie.

ohhhhh, i see. you win.
by mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh March 10, 2010
Christie is very pretty and gorgeous. She's like the smartest person you'll ever meet, especially in math and is very clueless at sometimes. She is the coolest person you'll ever meet because she's just so funny and down to earth.
Robert: Omgosh , you just make me laugh soo muchhh!

Christie: Ahhhaa, goood to know :)
Robert: What's your name?

Christie: Guess..
Robert: Is it..Christie?
Christie: How'd you know??
Robert: Because your gorgeous, clueless, funny and smart
Christie: awhh <3
by cantaloupe1234567 June 27, 2011
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