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Christie is very pretty and gorgeous. She's like the smartest person you'll ever meet, especially in math and is very clueless at sometimes. She is the coolest person you'll ever meet because she's just so funny and down to earth.
Robert: Omgosh , you just make me laugh soo muchhh!

Christie: Ahhhaa, goood to know :)
Robert: What's your name?

Christie: Guess..
Robert: Is it..Christie?
Christie: How'd you know??
Robert: Because your gorgeous, clueless, funny and smart
Christie: awhh <3
by cantaloupe1234567 June 27, 2011
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Christie: Christie's are crazy , outgoing , humorous , beautiful inside and out , stunning , model material.

Christie's tend to be cunning , competitive and athletic.

Christie's alway's sticks up for other's and who's ever around them , and put's other's before themself.Christie's come across to other's bitchy and mean , but once you get to know them there a great friend.Christie's are well knowen and popular. Christie's also tend to be boy magnet's.There aint no party with out a Christie.Christie's are beautiful inside and out , there beauty also tend's to seek jelousy from other's.When you're on a Christie's bad side they can be as demeaning , nasty and bitchy as they can get.Christie's worse enemie's end up being there bestfriend's.Christie's come from large family's and are semi cultured. Christie's have an honest soul and will be there for a life time for you if you respect her. Who ever know's a Christie is very lucky.
boy1: Yo , who's that hot chick on th corner.

boy2: Oh , that's most defintaly a Christie.

girl1: Wow , that girl over there is so beautiful and outgoing. I wanna be her friend.

girl2: That's a Christie , i'm jelous .
by raddude003 April 27, 2011
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