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The hairy place between the balls n asshole
marcus likes to lick chodes

shut up ya fuckin chode!!
by Chode Blower July 31, 2003
The skin between your ballsack and butthole. Synonyms include-Gooch, Taint, and Nifkin
by John Holmes April 23, 2003
The scientific name for an elephant's penis.
Self explanatory.
by Anonymous September 05, 2003
A queer or fag, somone really retarded and anoying.
OMG! stop acting like a stupid fucking chode!!
by Strands57 December 21, 2006
Another taste word for nacho or taint.
The gental giant found cheese growing from his chode.
by Chogi Punga January 27, 2005
Chode when used as an adjective describes somthing in a good way, similar to the words phat, dope or radical
Those new air force one's are some chode sneakers man.
by SofaKing Fresh03 February 16, 2003
Log of dried up turd used as a dildo
I shall now proceed to ram myself with my chode. Can you go get it from the top drawer for me?
by Shirley June 17, 2006