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Log of dried up turd used as a dildo
I shall now proceed to ram myself with my chode. Can you go get it from the top drawer for me?
by Shirley June 17, 2006
an abnormally long crotch hair
dude, did you see that sick ass chode on the toilet seat?
by baller October 27, 2003
cheese wheel
I eat chode for lunch.
by fuzz August 20, 2003
White-trash slang for weed.
He's a chode smoker, hehe he he um hehe he!

From one of the first episodes of Beavis & Butthead when they go to Mexico with that hippie teacher's friend.
by Kilo Lobo June 15, 2003
is a festy zit on your arse
look at the chode on your arse
by hue December 09, 2002
what you eat every day, every hour, on the hour.

No really, a penis that is wider than it's long
Person 1: chode
Person 2: eater

look in between your legs
by ewgrthyju February 01, 2009
Nick name for a desktop support lackey that calls the IT department for help on stupid issues.
Oh boy, it's Chode calling me again. -OR-
Stupid Chode caused a loopback in the switch again.
by Utah May 20, 2003