is a festy zit on your arse
look at the chode on your arse
by hue December 09, 2002
what you eat every day, every hour, on the hour.

No really, a penis that is wider than it's long
Person 1: chode
Person 2: eater

look in between your legs
by ewgrthyju February 01, 2009
Nick name for a desktop support lackey that calls the IT department for help on stupid issues.
Oh boy, it's Chode calling me again. -OR-
Stupid Chode caused a loopback in the switch again.
by Utah May 20, 2003
some programmers use the word chode to refer to anything undefined. uninitialized or deallocated memory is most commonly refered to as chode.
my array is getting deleted somewhere, because when i try to access it it's chode.
by david pasquinelli August 27, 2006
the space between a girls fuck hole n her ass hole
the space between the fuck hole n the ass hole
by manlover March 17, 2005
a very fat person that wears clothes too small for them.
look at that chode wearing those tight ass hipster jeans
by anna September 22, 2004
A mini beer. small bottle.
the mini heinikens
by Bob October 07, 2003

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