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Antonym of "chode". A penis that is extremely long and very narrow.
Thats not a swizel stick, its Joe's chide.
by chodemaster December 10, 2002
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A needle dick (a dick thats super long but thin as hell).
It may be a neddle but it runs like a sowing machine!!!
by cartman5000 August 05, 2004
Chide is the feminine from of chode (penis bigger around than it is long). It is a vagina bigger around than it is deep. I've seen, in the deeper reaches of on-line personals, chode and chide mixer sites.
I was out of clean bowls, so I just ate my cereal out of Lindsey's chide.
by junebugg March 10, 2005
Instead of the male gooch, females have chides, which are huge nipples that take up almost the whole breast.
That girl's got chides like gargantuant peperonis.
by Jenna E September 28, 2005

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