Chloe is the name for a girl in which she Is a lieing, cheating, playing bitch. She will use you in any way possible to get what she wants "preferably sex, considering theyre whores" whether it be pretending to love you, getting back with her ex multiple times and running back saying it's a mistake after shes fucked him, or all of the above plus some. Do not trust most chloes because they are very well minded manipulators that will rip your heart out, shit on it, put it back in, and will continue to repeat it untill you realize shes a cunt. *Beeb: bitch, envied, ex, bye.*
Dude you two look so happy how are you guys?

We broke up so she could fuck her ex and come back saying she was inlove with me only to leave again after a week.

Oh.. wtf man shes such a Chloe!
by It's_The_Truth September 23, 2014
BIG BOOTY HOE!!!!! loves to get her knockers out for the whole sports class! Horny 24/7 and will take the D anywhere and size!
ow shes a chloe
by k dennnn December 02, 2013
chloe is a cool chicka she sexy chloe actually eman carrot in japan language she a carrot dam she let me eat dat carrot OH NO i am cannable
eat s a chloe insted carrot by oaccideny
by i am je suis April 12, 2014
Is one of the most selfish people u will ever meet if she doesn't get what she wants she causes shit thinks shes hot when she really isn't an treats others like crap
Boy 1: that girl thinks shes it she must be a chloe

girl 1: shes selfish enough as well definitely a Chloe
by swjs June 04, 2014
A girl who is amazing and pretty. she is the girl you want to be with. but deep down she wants to suck a dick and have fun! shes a nice girl when you are with her but in bed shes very naughty!
1. the more nicely u treat Chloe outside the more naughty shes gets in bed
by johnnyboy07 June 06, 2013
A Chloe is a person that will do anything to fuck up a relationship just to play with the guys emotions.. She has a fucked up mind and tends to be the biggest hoe in school. She's the worst person to become friends with.
A short, ugly girl that has a bald spot on the side of her head will get you thinking about how is she a human being and why.
Ew don't be such a Chloe

Wow he's a total Chloe
by Miniberry March 03, 2014
A very rude common white girl who believes she is better than everyone else. Although pretty, a Chloe generally tries too hard TOO look cute. A Chloe thinks everyone is jealous of her and they want to be just like her. Has a huge attitude problem and an annoying, squeaky voice.
Guy 1: Dude did you see that hot chick!?
Guy 2: No! Dude! You don't want her, she's a Chloe.
by itstartswithasmil3 May 16, 2013

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