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A positive vernacular expression used when one sees the buttocks of another,
((usually in a pic posted on an internet board))
Expressing delight and a possible suggestion of sexual interest.
Oh lawd.. dat ass

#datass #that ass #ass #booty #i'd hit that
by Dirkzen February 26, 2009
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To see a female derriere and have the emotional response to bit the bottom lip while wearing expensive sunglasses.
*sees picture of a tight female ass*
*puts on expensive sunglasses and bite bottom lip*
#dat ass #derriere #sunglasses #ass #bottom lip
by kanye west's sunglasses March 30, 2009
A meme where a pic of Rich Boy (Not Kanye West) is biting his lip and wearing expensive glasses.

It's Rich boy, not Kanye West.
Woman: *Walking in the sidewalk wearing shorts with her ass showing*

Man: Dat ass. 8E
#ass #dat #rich #boy #kanye
by Miku326 October 04, 2009
When a person (Usually a male) sees a chick's ass that is so big/lusious/awesome/fappable.

To get the best quality, put on expensive sunglasses, bite your bottom lip, and say dat ass.
Friend 1: hey check out that chick over there she has a nice ass!
Friend 2: Dat ass!
#dat ass #rapper #big #lucious #awesome
by Scout The Hedgehog July 21, 2011
A statement used by men and women when they spot a voluptuous buttocks. A similar phrase that can also be used is 'dat ass doe!'
"Hey dude check out this picture of my boyfriend at the beach"
"Bro those are some nice trunks, but dat ass!!!"
"I know right?!"
#ass #booty #donk #butt #penis #gay #straight #datass
by Gogan Heimer May 22, 2014
1.A word you use to pick up a girl
2.Something you say to ur friend when you think a girl is hot
3.A word I use every day
1.Damn Jason !DatAssis on fire!!!
2.Hey Gurl.I'll pick up DatAss and carry you home.
#booty #treasure #beaver #water hole #pussy
by IDGAF123321 July 20, 2015
(ajd.) Very good, high quality, or satisfactory. Derived from describing a woman with a nice butt as having "that ass".
1. Whoa, Frosted Mini Wheats is datass, man!
2. Michigan is going to beat Ohio State, their football team is datass.
#dat ass #dat #ass #good #satisfactory
by BMXridahON20s March 21, 2007
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