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A girl who is absolutely amazing but is really self-conscious.Shes kind, friendly, loving and will always stick by her friends no matter what.If your upset she'll know and try to help you with your problem big or small. Generous, she will give anything to people who need it and always put others first.Shes usually tall with eyes like oceans yeah she has imperfections but who doesn't. Usually quite shy so if she opens up around you know you have her friendship
1-Wow that girl is so nice, whats her name?
2 Dunno, probably. Chloe
by Inked Pen October 22, 2013
3 1
She's good at sports, smart, nice, and gorgeous. She's very brave, and never gives up anything! She would take others, before herself. Later on in life she will do great things!
"Hey, I need help on a math problem, Chloe."
I can help you!" Chloe says happily.
by LOLz March 13, 2013
6 4
A Chloe is a smart, funny, generous girl who is normally blue-eyed and blonde-haired. She is random and fun to be around, a great friend who's always there for you. Though she may not feel special sometimes, she's the most sweet, talented girl you'll ever meet. Chloe is witty, humorous, and sensual yet crazy, and if you have a Chloe in your life you're a very lucky person. Awesome as your bestie, a schoolmate, a girlfriend, someone at a party, or anybody she wants to be!
Guy: Hey, what's the name of that girl who everybody's been wanting to hang out with tonight?
Friend: Man, she's Chloe.

Person: I need a friend to stand by me, someone loyal and funny and smart.
Other person: You need a Chloe.
by ASpasticTurtle December 02, 2012
7 5
A super awesome girl with a great sense of humor! She's sometimes perverted but it's OK. everyone loves her, you can't stay mad at her, you can't get over her! All the guys love her! She has a very nice ass and not flat chested at all. If you get in a fight with her. You got the whole state fucking with you. She's hot funny, Sexy and beautiful! No one can resist her.
DAMN look at that ASS! She's definitely a Chloe!
by DefectiveNeutral June 04, 2014
1 0
chloe is a cool chicka she sexy chloe actually eman carrot in japan language she a carrot dam she let me eat dat carrot OH NO i am cannable
eat s a chloe insted carrot by oaccideny
by i am je suis April 12, 2014
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Chloe is a hot chick who can't be disrespected. Everyone lives her and her appearance she loves cheerleading and is amazing at it she has amazing eyes and long brown hair she loves to love and is an animal lover and is good with kids she has a hard time not going to plan but still lovable she can be completely mature but a kid at heart at the same time if you mess with a Chloe you are better dead
Guy 1- Woah that's one fine chick
Guy 2- she is way out of your league
Guy 1- she must be a Chloe then
by Tacokingman August 29, 2013
2 2
Someone who is very outgoing, likes a change, perhaps hair colour, or shoes, a Chloe is someone who is sensitive, bitchy but is always looking out for friends, she stands for what she believes in and if she says she's going to do something, she'll do it. Her true emotions are not seen by many people but if you're lucky enough to understand her and have her trust you will be in her good books. Do not get on her bad side.
Boy #1: uh-oh, here comes the bitch, part so she can walk through.

Boy #2: yeah its Chloe
by firrrrrrebitch May 06, 2012
5 5